Contao 4.11.0 is available

Contao version 4.11.0 is available. The release includes new features such as PHP 8 and Symfony 5 support, dynamic XML sitemaps, a simplified way to customize the back end, a new "figure" insert tag, custom regular expressions in the DCA and a lot more.

Contao Manager 1.4

Roughly four months have passed since the last major update of the Contao Manager. With version 1.4 we expect to bring you a big performance boost.

Contao Two Month Review November and December 2020

In this review, we look back at the last two months as well as the entire last year. Sit back and review the past year in Contao news.

Contao Two Month Review September and October 2020

There is nothing like a well maintained system.

Contao 4.4.52, 4.9.6 and 4.10.1 are available

Contao 4.4.52, 4.9.6 and 4.10.1 are available. The releases fix the security vulnerability CVE-2020-25768.